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Disabled man from Skegness fears for his life in Thai jail


SKEGNESS: — “My son is in fear of his life – please help him.” This is the plea of a mum whose disabled son was thrown into a Thai jail after picking up the wrong suitcase at the airport.

Steven Moody, who was brought up in Skegness, was on a visit to his Thai bride in April when the mix-up happened that turned a romantic holiday into a nightmare.

Mum Carol Swanson said: “I am at my wits end. Steven is severely disabled after having a large brain tumour removed in 2007. The operation lasted 10 hours and he has been left with limited sight, limited hearing, blurred vision, lack of concentration, blackouts and walks with a wobble. He has also suffered from depression and struggles to cope with everyday life.

“He met and married a Thai girl who is living in Thailand and the nightmare began when he went to visit see her. There seems to have been some confusion over a suitcase – I believe he picked up the wrong one. As a result he was arrested and sent to Samut Parkan prison just outside Bangkok.

Full story: http://www.skegnesss…-jail-1-7449885

— Skegness Standard 2016-06-28

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